Human Resources & Policies

Director of Human Resources & Certified Therapeutic Consultant

Meg Anzalone, Green Cross Certified Traumatologist


» Grievances

Anyone who wishes to report a grievance against a member of CASC may do so by contacting our Director of Human Resources, and Certified Therapeutic Consultant, Meg Anzalone, at

Upon receiving notice of your complaint, the Director of Human Resources (HR) will reach out to you to obtain any relevant information in order to determine how to proceed. Ms. Anzalone is a therapist, and a Certified Green Cross Traumatologist, so she will provide you with a safe space to make your complaint, and do everything in her power to resolve your complaint to the best of her ability. We ask that, in the interests of time and clarity, that all complainants make clear, direct complaints and include: 1) necessary identifying information, such as the name of the accused, 2) a clear timeline of the presenting issues, and 3) any supporting documentation they may have, to include: emails, screenshots, private messages, social media posts, text messages, dictation of phone calls with corresponding call history information, or dictation of in-person conversations/actions.

If an investigation is opened, we will do our best to protect your privacy; for complaints which require internal investigation for liability reasons, such as: harassment, discrimination, threats, safety issues, etc, we will seek to balance your privacy with the need for a proper and thorough investigation, but in such cases we cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. Depending on the nature of the complaint, your identity may need to be shared with the accused party, as well as other information, including, but not limited to, written communications with the party under investigation, which may be subject to a confidential review. You will be informed of any such actions prior to the complaint moving forward, and will be given the opportunity to withdraw your complaint if you personally do not wish to further participate in the investigation. Again, however, in cases of harassment, discrimination and other group safety issues, Human Resources has an obligation to ensure both the safety of the complainant, as well as the safety of the members at large, and so reserves the right to proceed with an investigation and/or disciplinary action in the interests of preserving a safe environment. Once the investigation is complete you will be informed of the outcome, and both you and the accused will have the opportunity to appeal the final decision.

Should there be any reason whereby the Director of HR, whether due to the nature of her role or as an individual, could be considered to have a vested interest in the outcome of an investigation, the complaint may be made to an alternative person on the CASC leadership team. The Director of HR will recuse herself and we will ensure an independent team member is assigned to oversee the investigation, in order to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

We also consider public statements regarding our members’ behaving inappropriately to comprise a formal complaint, and may instigate an investigation and disciplinary procedures in response to any such public statement, regardless of whether or not the complainant has chosen to make such a complaint directly to CASC through the typical grievance procedures. Should such a public complaint be made, CASC reserves the right to provide public confirmation that an investigation is in progress, as well as a public statement of the progress and formal outcome of said investigation.